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My first major project…

…at least for a personal project.

So let me set the stage for you (in case you didn’t do Awana or Boy Scouts as a kid).  You are 9 years old – you and your dad have just spend the last 2 weekends building a car. It is all painted the axles and wheels have been polished and there is graphite on them. You just know your car is fast. Now it’s your turn to race. Your car is set on the track along with 3 others. There is a count down and …. snap…. thier off. The cars go racing down the tack as all the dads stand over the finish line waiting to see who finishes… but wait!! It appears that 2 finish at the same time. Now all the dads rewind their video cameras and spend the next few minutes “discussing” who actually won.

Well there is a answer to this problem and it doesnt involve rewinding any tape on a video camera (unless you want an instant replay).  It is called a track timer. Now there are comercial units available out there but since the spirit of these events is to spent time with your kids I figure why not build one?

Our church had a track but it was damage a few years back and was so warped that we decided it was not worth repairing. last year we borrowed a track from another church, but the timer didn’t work all that well as it only showed positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc). After racing last year our Awana leader, Danny, decided to take on the task of building a track so I volunteered to build the timer.

On this page I will  track the progress of my build and associated materials.  I also plan on posting schematics, source code, and BOMs (bill of materials) for other to use.


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