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Pictures from initial assembly and testing

So this week I have soldered all the main project board together and started testing some of the code. Below are a couple of pictures. There are 2 USB Ports. one (on the Embedded Controller) is for Programming and debugging and the second (the little red board sitting on top) is for a Virtual Serial Port that the Grand Prix Race Manager software will use to communication with this device. The first Picture is when I first got everything into the Project Box and turned it on. The second is later in the evening when I was testing the software.

NOTE: Don’t forget that if you do not have a circuit connected to an interrupt pin it will float!!! This will generate all kinds of interrupts. For the first couple of minutes after I turned it on it looked like a Christmas tree with all the blinking status lights. I then enabled the Pull-up resistor in code and was able to continue testing some of the code. I look forward to assembling the IR Photo Transistors next and then really being able to test the code.



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