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Mechanical Drawings of Finish Line

Today I worked with a colleague of mine at work to build out a design the Finish Line and then I modeled it in Google SkectchUp and Visio (Thanks Bob!!!). I ordered Aluminum U Channel and Bar from a company called McMaster Carr and it should be here on Monday or Tuesday. Then he will help me machine a few of the parts and assemble it. I will update the SketchUp and Visio file once the build is complete. I also setup a jig to help build a wiring harness out of peg board. Tomorrow I will start to run all the wire that will go in this and solder up the connections.






Unit Price

Total Price


1 Each


Architectural Aluminum (Alloy 6063) U-Channel, 1/8″ Thk, 3/4″ Base X 3/4″ Legs, 8′ L





1 Each


Multipurpose Aluminum (Alloy 6061) 1/16″ Thick X 2-1/2″ Width, 6′ Length




Grand Prix Finish Line Drawings_V0.1_front  
Finish Line_Front Underside Finish Line_Front overhead

2 responses to “Mechanical Drawings of Finish Line

  1. drhender September 21, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    Your gate is set up backwards. 🙂

    Normally, when a driver or rider or runner is in lane one, they are the furthest to their own left.
    (ie, number run from 1 to 8, left to right from participant’s perspective.)

    • jarrodsinclair September 21, 2011 at 5:22 PM

      Hi drhender,
      This was the first draft of the drawing and the perspective was looking from the finish line to the startgate so it does look off. For the final revision (which is not updated these drawings yet) and the build, I did reverse them to reflect the perspective of looking at the the finish line from the startgate. The good thing is that it is a matter of preference as all that lanes are configurable in software and the lane 1 marker was only there to make sure the GPIO is mapped correctly. Once it is mapped, you can reverse the lane order or even mix them (not sure why you would want to but you could).

      Given that we wanted to be able to setup this track anywhere and we wanted to have the wires on the finish line hang off the side that we are sitting on and not have to rung them around or under the track. In the next version of the code I will be adding a simple lane order switch. You can get a better picture of the build by looking at the project page for it I created last month.

      I will be adding the third and final page this month with the construction details and videos. However for now check out this post for what the final construction looked like

      Thanks for the comment!

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