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Finished the electrical harness for the Finish Line. +Video

Well this was a big weekend, I was able to finish the electrical portion of the finish line and start testing it. Also I decided to make a video of the build so far describing what has been assembled so far. I am hoping the Aluminium I ordered last week will come in tomorrow so that Wednesday I can start to build the mechanical portion of the finish line, mount the electronics, and really start to test the software. the basic testing I have been doing seems to work and each lane and the start gate is triggering.

To build the wiring harness I used a peg board (for mounting tools and such on the wall) and some baling wire and a bunch of Cat 5,  Cat 3, and Telephone wire (so that I could get the colors I wanted)  and removed its insulation. Then i sealed the LEDs and Photo Transistors with heat shrink tubing. It is over sized by 3/4 of an inch giving me some room when mounting. Below are some Pictures of the overall and detail view of the main electrical connections. I will take some better pictures with my DSLR later.


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