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Finish Line Construction and Code Testing update!

Bob, a co-worker of mine at HP, has been helping my cut, machine, drill, and tap all the parts for the finish line. So far we have all the parts except the LED holder cut and today we drilled and tapped the frame. Tomorrow we will finish drilling and tapping the 2 cover plates for the top and cut and bent the LED holders.  Below are some pictures of the build.

I have also been doing some testing of the code. On Friday I discovered that my Status Check function would not really service the need to verify that each lane and the start gate is ready before each race. It does exercise the Interrupt ports well and help me verify that I have each lane wired correct though. So I started looking at other ways and I ended up writing another function. This one works very well and tonight I plan on doing a lot of testing with it.

In the .NET Micro Framework, the InterruptPort functionality is basically a inputport that adds the ability to interrupt on a change. Therefore the read functionality still is available and with a quick read of each port I can see if each lane is “seeing the light” of the IR LED and that the Start gate is closed.  I also made one other change to the race completion function.  It now will show the top 3 Lanes on the LCD when the Race is complete.

So with these changes, the Grand Prix Race Management Software now running on my system, the testing will really start and I will be able to run mock races using my hand to simulate cars. I have been testing each of the components along the way but it will be nice to see everything working together. Then tomorrow or Thursday when I finish the mounting for the finish line I will be able to assemble the remaining pieces and perform some final testing before the first major test on Saturday, our car build and test day.

If I have anything left to fix then I will have 2 weeks before the real race to fix it. Lets hope I wont need it – Wish me luck!

2 responses to “Finish Line Construction and Code Testing update!

  1. Led GH August 1, 2011 at 10:28 PM

    Do you buy Led Holders or do you made them ?

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