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Testing the Track and Timer together – SUCCESS!!

What a great weekend!!!

Saturday we (Danny, My kids and I) setup the Track and the timer together for the first time. It was also the first time the entire track had been assembled. We had to drill the holes for the light sensors and the second support board and then everything fit right together. By 11:30am or so we have everything ready to start our first tests.  The first issues we ran into was that lane 4 would not register that it was receiving  light. After taking the finish line apart and checking alignment  we discovered that the whole in the track was about 1mm off and the IR LED holder in the top of the frame was 2 mm off in the other direction. So a combination of the to displacements (although each was in tolerance) meant that the light was not getting from the IR LED to the Photo Transistor. We reassembled everything and by 2pm we start the track tests.

The Track is not sealed yet (as we might need to make some fixes if track issues were found), so we raced 8 cars that Danny brought with him that did not have recent lubrication and therefore should not drip / drop anything on the track. The first run was a mess (the cars had not been used in a year) and half of them jumped the track. We disregarded this run and the following 8 runs whet very well.  Below are the Stats:

Track Average: 3.5040
Best Time 3.2417
Worst Time 4.1188
Maximum Deviation: 0.8771
Standard Deviation: 0.2159

With this testing complete this means the Timer and Track are ready for racing. This week Danny will be clear coating the track this week and I will make some final tweaks to my code. The race day is March 19th and now I will be focusing on helping my kids with their cars and hopefully get time to work on mine. I meant to take more pictures during testing but it was so busy, I forgot to pull out my camera until near then end when we had already started breaking down the track. I will make sure to take pictures and video during the setup and while racing on the 19th.

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