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Circuit Board Printer

Kickstarter is a great platform for launching a product without having to have huge infrastructure in place. However it is getting filled more and more with cliché and over-hyped products that are not all that special or have been done multiple time (like the dozen or so 3D PLA / ABS printers from the last year). Still every so often a product will pop up on their that is really interesting / well-built, looks like it will be successful, and is innovative. The Voltara looks to be one of them.

This is a Circuit Board printer you set on your desk. It uses Conductive ink, and insulation printable layer(so you can cross traces) and even a solder past dispenser. Everything you need for prototyping your own Circuit board or doing small runs.

Now the biggest “hole” in my opinion is that it does not have a drill so you cannot add any parts that need through hole otherwise you will have to whip out the drill press and do it manually. Not really and issue but for the cost ($1,499) it would be good to have that at lease be an add-on.

Best of luck to the Voltera team.

Students at San Jose State University look to Kick starter for help with thier Final Project

Students at San Jose State University look to Kick starter for help with thier Final Project

This is one of the things about crowd funding. It allows people to directly get involved with projects they find interesting or want to support. This Kickstarter Project is for a group of people at San Jose State who need help with their final class project. They are looking to build a Heavy Light Capable Quadcopter they are calling the Incredible HLQ (Hulk :-). This thing will be able to autonomously deliver and retrieve payload up to 50 lbs. 

What I love about this school project is that it is not a pie in the sky school project. If successful this could launch their careers and many even allow them to start a company that builds devices like this as it has countless uses (military, fire fighting, search and rescue, etc). 

Even if you dont want to sponsor them head over to their Kickstarter project page and see what their up to. Best of luck Guys!!

Bulb to light the world

The biggest issue I have had with “efficient lighting” was that the color was bad, it never produced as much light as the indecent equivalent, or it visibly flashed. This light bulb will address all those issues and be cheaper then the current LED alternatives out there. check it out:

Great Kickstart Project that closes on the 15th of july

Check out this cool kickstart project. It will allow you to test your own Arduino experiment in space using a myriad of sensors.

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