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Jobs at Arrayent

Want a job developing software for Internet of Things? In 2 Days I will be at the Febreze Hackathon in Santa Clara ( Arrayent has multiple open Software Development positions. If you are interested in either of those positions look me up while I am there or click here to apply online.

Original code for Apollo 11 was put on Github

You can see that the programmers for the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer had a sense of Humor:

Also evidence that no matter how much languages and times change, some things don’t:

Breakfast will never be the same

Have you ever woken up on a sleepy Saturday morning and though to yourself “I don’t want to make plane old round pancakes, I want to make my kids rocket ships, or Elsa pancakes”. Then you remember your not an artist and the only thing you can draw is those stick figured on the back of the family cars. Well not any more with the Pancake Bot. It uses special software to turn your designs into custom pancakes. So now you can cook up all kinds of great designs and turn them into pancakes.

Great job for a rookie team – FTC Cyber Ents 8737

This past weekend, a First FTC team I helped mentor made it to the semifinals in their first Competition. Thier name is the Cyber Ents 8737 and although they did not will they had a lot of fun and had that highest scoring match of the day.

Use your Phone as part of your computers UI?

MIT Media lab is always coming out with cool stuff and this is no exception: THAW

This phone – computer UI integration has many real world applications.

Check it out.

Also here is the MIT page for the project:

Bulb to light the world

The biggest issue I have had with “efficient lighting” was that the color was bad, it never produced as much light as the indecent equivalent, or it visibly flashed. This light bulb will address all those issues and be cheaper then the current LED alternatives out there. check it out:

Are you interested in building your own devices but don’t know were to start?

well here is a good place
Makers Shed has a kit and instruction to using the features of an embedded device. Everything you need to get started.

Also I am currently building a new Storage Server out of a Proliant N40L Microserver. I’ll have more on that with pictures soon.

.NET Micro Framework game console you can built!

Well a couple of the community leaders over at the Netduino forums has turned out an embedded project that is a full-blown PIX-6T4 console (think paddles and asteroids).  You can check it out here:  They have videos of its operations and full build instructions.

Great new netduino project – a gieger counter that tweets

First Race with new track and timer complete!!!

The Netduino based Track Timer has been a fun project and last weekend we finally got to see the new 8 lane track and timer in action. 50 racers came to race their cars in an attempt to win a speed or design trophy.  The timer performed great and the only real issue I had come when the person operating the start gate closed it before the race was finished. It would reset the timer and the software would not record any times (even though i send the times as each racer finishes). This resulted in us having to rerun 2 of the heats. I will look at ways to change the code so that the Grand Prix Race Manager software will still complete a race if the start gate is closed. We are hoping to bring it out again before the Grand Prix next year as we all had a blast (especially the kids) and we want to do it again. I have added a video and some pictures below

As for the project details (Bill of Materials,  process diagrams, code, and build pictures), I will be working over the next week or two to get the project page updated with all the details on this project. If you have any questions or would like additional details on a portion of the build.

Thanks for the support during this build. I have some ideas for my next project but I am taking suggestions, so if you have an idea leave a comment or send me an e-mail. If I like the idea then i’ll build it.

Demo of track operation

Pictures of setup (and a shameless plug for my kids cars).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

FYI – sorry about the picture quality, My SLR died and we have not fixed / replaced it yet so these were taken with my cellphone.

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