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Page 3 – Setup

To setup the GPRT to work with GrandPrix Race Manager you will need to configure a custom serial timer.

On page 2 are listed the command that the timer will respond to, here they are again:

Serial Commands

Serial Commands

To put these commands into the Grand Prix Race Manager you will need to configure 2 items first go to the Software setup (Red Arrow)

Main Screen

Then set the number of Lanes your track has:

Software Options

After you close that and return to the main screen click Hardware Setup (Green Arrow):

Main Screen

On the Hardware Setup you will need to select Custom Setup (Red Arrow).

Hardware Setup

On the Custom Serial Timer Option page you will need to enter the letters as shown in each field:

Custom Serial Timer Options

Once you save that and return to the Hardware Setup you need to select the Com port that your USB to Serial was assigned to and then click Test (greed arrows).

Hardware Setup


That is it. If for some reason this is not working then check you Windows Device Manager to make sure that you have the correct com port. Also make sure you don’t have Putty or another tool with that port open or this software wont be able to connect. Good Luck!

NOTE: This was written against version 10 of Grand Prix Race Manager. In Version 14 it appears they have made the Custom Serial Time a feature only available in the Pro Version.

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