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Breakfast will never be the same

Have you ever woken up on a sleepy Saturday morning and though to yourself “I don’t want to make plane old round pancakes, I want to make my kids rocket ships, or Elsa pancakes”. Then you remember your not an artist and the only thing you can draw is those stick figured on the back of the family cars. Well not any more with the Pancake Bot. It uses special software to turn your designs into custom pancakes. So now you can cook up all kinds of great designs and turn them into pancakes.


Students at San Jose State University look to Kick starter for help with thier Final Project

Students at San Jose State University look to Kick starter for help with thier Final Project

This is one of the things about crowd funding. It allows people to directly get involved with projects they find interesting or want to support. This Kickstarter Project is for a group of people at San Jose State who need help with their final class project. They are looking to build a Heavy Light Capable Quadcopter they are calling the Incredible HLQ (Hulk :-). This thing will be able to autonomously deliver and retrieve payload up to 50 lbs. 

What I love about this school project is that it is not a pie in the sky school project. If successful this could launch their careers and many even allow them to start a company that builds devices like this as it has countless uses (military, fire fighting, search and rescue, etc). 

Even if you dont want to sponsor them head over to their Kickstarter project page and see what their up to. Best of luck Guys!!

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