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Track Timer – Additional Build Details and Source code

Well it has been busy the last few months, but I finally freed up enough time to add the design documents for the Grand Prix Timer to the build page on my Blog and add the source code to a new Codeplex project. With these items you should be able to build your own after doing a little homework.

Note: All the design documents I have created are now uploaded. However if you have any questions please let me know and I will add details where needed.

Remembering your lessons

Well after spending some time on Friday sorting through my parts, I did a power test of the New IR LEDs. Wow what an improvement. Their beam confinement is at least 20 degrees better (25 vs 40 degrees) and that combined with double the continuous forward current meant it is bright. With the camera on my phone the lens was flaring. testing with my multimeter in diode mode the original Emitter that cam in the pair broke down at < 2 inches. I tested again with the new LEDS and the distance was over 5 inches, which is just what we need.

Process Diagram for the Serial Port Interrupt

Process Diagram for the Serial Port Interrupt

After going through the parts I figured I need to buckle down and get some code written. After working through some of the Logic for a few hours it donned on me why this was harder than usual, I didn’t have my software design documented! I can sometimes get away without it for small projects but with all the interruptions (those of you with young children know what I mean 🙂 )  I figured I better have one. Well I spent about 4 hours and built up Process Diagrams for the system. This included Power on, Holding Loop, Lane interrupts, Start gate Interrupts, Serial Port interrupt, and Timer Interrupts.  Granted this was at 3 am in the morning, but I figure it is a good first pass. I discovered a few potential gotchas in the design and had to rework some of the logic. I also added a more comprehensive Status Check to verity that everything is working correctly.  Attached is the Serial Port Interrupt Process Diagram. I will add the others to the Project page later.

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